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The Lotterys More Or Less (New York: Scholastic, Toronto: HarperCollins Children's Books, and London: Macmillan Children's Books, 2018, with illustrations by Caroline Hadilaksono.) Sumac’s the keeper of her family’s traditions—from Pow Wow to Holi, Carnival to Hogmanay, she’s on guard to make sure that no Lottery celebration gets forgotten. But this winter all Sumac’s plans go awry when a Brazilian visitor overstays his welcome. A terrible ice storm grounds all flights, so one of her dads and her favourite brother can’t make it home from India. And then the power starts going out across the city . . . The Lotterys More or Less is the second of Emma Donoghue’s stories about the family that likes to say “Why not?”

A personal note: The Lotterys series draws on my nostalgic memories of growing up as the youngest of eight in 1970s Ireland, as well as my wishful thinking about what it might be like to homeschool a brood of seven in 2010s Toronto. It's been a real joy to move into writing for young readers, especially as my royalties from this project go to Room to Read, a nonprofit working in literacy and girls' education across communities in Asia and Africa. The Lotterys series has raised more than $200,000 (Canadian) so far; for updates, please go to



To buy The Lotterys More Or Less:

In the US https://www.amazon.com/Lotterys-More-Less-Emma-Donoghue/dp/1338207539

In Canada https://www.harpercollins.ca/9781443445603/the-lotterys-more-or-less/

In the UK/Ireland/Commonwealth: https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/emma-donoghue/the-lotterys-more-or-less/9781529000795

 Wherever you live, PLEASE support your local indie bookstore by buying from them either directly or through an indie-friendly hub such as bookshop.org or hive.co.uk.



The Lotterys More Or Less is available in French.



'A delightful and festive story… Donoghue provides heartwarming insight into the chaos and love of a large family. The Lotterys More or Less will make an excellent addition to anyone’s holiday traditions.' - Lambda literary

'Donoghue captures the chaos and warmth of family in this sequel' – Publishers Weekly

'A heartwarming story that will appeal to kids – and kids at heart.' - Hello! Canada

‘Readers should be inspired by Donoghue’s vision of what could be, and thoroughly enjoy spending more time with the Lotterys.' – Mombion.com

'The second chronicle is a romp, as was the first, and Donoghue fans may look forward to another page-turning treat. … Its appealing characters and warm good humour are certain to leave already smitten readers clamouring for more.' – London Free Press / Post Media

'Donoghue’s delightful narrative style allows young readers to experience the most diverse family they’ll probably ever come across in literature… A fabulous sequel to The Lotterys Plus One and will be sure to give readers young and old much to think about and discuss.' - CM: Canadian Review of Materials


The Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donoghue

The Lotterys Plus One (New York: Arthur Levine Books; Toronto: HarperCollins Children’s Books; London: Macmillan Children’s Books, 2017, with illustrations by Caroline Hadilaksono.) The first in a series of novels aimed at readers aged eight to twelve. The Lotterys Plus One introduces readers to nine-year-old Sumac Lottery and her six siblings, four parents and five pets. This chaotic, happy household is disrupted when a grandfather with dementia suddenly has to move in.


To buy The Lotterys Plus One

In hardcover, USA: https://store.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/SearchCmd?storeId=11301&langId=-11301&catalogId=16551&N=4502+4519&isbn13=9780545925815

On audio, USA: https://store.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/SearchCmd?storeId=11301&langId=-11301&catalogId=16551&N=4502+4519&isbn13=9781338119664

In hardback in Canada: http://www.harpercollins.ca/9781443445573/the-lotterys-plus-one

In hardback in the UK/Ireland/'Commonwealth' territories: https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/emma-donoghue/the-lotterys-plus-one

On audio in the UK/Ireland/'Commonwealth' territories: http://www.audible.com/pd/Kids/The-Lotterys-Plus-One-Audiobook/B06XVYDKXJ/ref=a_search_c4_1_2_srTtl?qid=1491472391&sr=1-2

Wherever you live, PLEASE support your local indie bookstore by buying from them either directly or through an indie-friendly hub such as bookshop.org or hive.co.uk.'


The Lotterys Plus One is out in French (Canada).



'Funny, heartwarming and quietly provocative…Donoghue clearly has fun updating the formula, giving us a rich and witty portrait of a family trying to live well in the 21st century. Love, as always, is the key. It’s leisurely in pace, and character trumps action in this nourishing middle-grade novel that celebrates tolerance and open hearts. ... It is a hoot spending time in this Utopia.' - Guardian

'Donoghue’s delightful new middle-grade novel… Fans will recognise not only her gift for representing a child’s point of view, but also her knack for showing how a family, no matter how small or large, develops its own language, even its own culture. … I look forward to re-reading this warm and funny book with my daughters.’ - New York Times

‘One of the most diverse families readers are likely to meet… In a drily funny story about adjusting to new situations, Donoghue vividly captures the Lotterys’ chaotic but always loving home in a flurry of inside jokes, banter and nicknames.’ – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

‘Most refreshing is that the Lotterys’ many differences, from 10-year-old Aspen's challenges to toddler Oak's developmental delays, are simply part of their own normal. Full of clever names and wordplay, this engaging tale is moving without veering into sentimentality. For all the Lotterys’ apparent eccentricity, the novel delves into universal themes of family relationships that will resonate with readers from all backgrounds.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘Through all the colourful jumble of Camelottery, the family’s idiosyncratic portmanteaus, and the individualistic lifestyles, Donoghue zeroes in on the vivid, dynamic characters, who patiently and supportively deal with realistic conflicts and accommodate, sometimes reluctantly, different perspectives. This openhearted novel demonstrates that, even if a family looks unusual to some, love and acceptance is universal.’ - Booklist

‘A timely and funny reading experience’ - School Library Journal

‘A tribute to the modern family… moving and endearing.’ – Quill and Quire

'The chaotic but ever-loving Lottery family is totally engaging, and it is to be hoped Sumac and her brothers and sisters will reappear in further family adventures.The book is entertaining and inventive, full of witty wordplay, and a treat for readers of almost any age. And as a bonus, it is charmingly illustrated.' - London Free Press

'Donoghue, whose most famous character – Jack fromRoom– is a five year old, inhabits Sumac’s world with relish. She has particular fun with the linguistic malapropisms of childhood, which have a unique sense of their own. ... the emotional journey offers a lesson in empathy that will resonate with real-life problems in an eight-to 11 year old’s world.' - Irish Times

'Full of witty one-liners and cracking dialogue. The family has developed its own language, which is clever and engaging ... Donoghue has bravely stepped outside of her adult comfort zone and is to be commended for it. A smart, thoughtful reader of 10-plus will enjoy the gentle humour in this tribute to the modern family. Adult Donoghue fans might enjoy it, too.' - Irish Independent

'Funny, charming and full of heart' – Irish Mail on Sunday

'Offbeat, funny, wise and deliciously different' – Inis

'Hugely appealing… told with considerable wit and charm' – Teach Primary

'It’s a hoot spending time in this utopia' – Observer


Watch the trailer for The Lotterys Plus One:


Read the first chapter of the book for free here:


 Listen to Donoghue and her editor at Scholastic, Arthur Levine, talk about the Lotterys: http://oomscholasticblog.com/podcast/emma-donoghue-plus-one?linkId=37216998


'Emma Donoghue Helps Kids Deal With Dementia (And Still Has Fun) in The Lotterys', interview by Rachel Martin, NPR, 27 March 2017, http://www.npr.org/2017/03/27/521395185/emma-donoghue-helps-kids-deal-with-dementia-and-still-has-fun-in-the-lotterys

Interview by Tom Power on Q, 'http://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/wednesday-april-5-2017-emma-donoghue-peter-silberman-and-more-1.4053188/how-a-dinner-party-challenge-led-emma-donoghue-to-her-first-children-s-book-1.4054312